Team And Customer

Mydo Team

The team is formed by the combination of all members due to a related work of the enterprise. It has the interaction of mutual influence in behavior, is psychologically aware of the existence of other members, and has a sense of mutual belonging and working spirit. The purpose is to pursue the overall success of the enterprise.

Managers are disseminators of corporate culture, executors of systems, planners and decision makers of team tasks, bearers of team responsibilities, communicators and bridges between the team and the top management of the enterprise, and promoters and coordinators of team health atmosphere.

Communication can take various forms. Managers can timely achieve the harmony of internal institutions through single meetings or individual exchanges. Communication should not only be carried out internally, but also horizontally communicate with external directly related teams to promote harmony with external institutions. Good communication can connect team members more closely and is the foundation of team building harmony.

A team is like a fishing net. Each grid plays a different role in its own position. The existence of more meshes cannot be ignored because one mesh can fish. The members of the team are grids one by one, and each member has his own position.The members of the team are grids one by one, and each member has his own position. A high-performance team should be a whole with full cohesion, mutual trust and cooperation among members. In order to give better play to the team's intelligence and intelligence and achieve the effectiveness of the team. Another cohesion example,you will find that you can easily break a pair of chopsticks. But if ten pairs of chopsticks are put together, they can't be broken. With such cohesion, the team will be an invincible team, it can overcome any difficulty.

Relationship with Clients

The relationship between customers and the company is a cooperative relationship of mutual promotion, mutual benefit and win-win results. In particular, cooperation with high-quality major customers can not only improve our service awareness, improve our management level, improve our service system, but also bring us rich profits.

Having a considerable number of customers is the basis for the survival and development of enterprises. Therefore, it is necessary to constantly tap potential customers and win new customers to minimize the loss of customers. In addition, efforts should be made to maintain old customers. Since the cost of developing a new customer is five times that of maintaining an old customer, maintaining old customers can save the cost of obtaining new customers. In addition, old customers are less sensitive to key factors affecting satisfaction such as price, be more tolerant of some mistakes of enterprises and their products. Therefore, maintaining old customers can bring various benefits to enterprises. Thus we should strive for lost customers. On the one hand, reduce the loss of customers, on the other hand, let the lost customers become the customers of the enterprise again.

To prolong the customer relationship, we can improve the average length of the customer relationship life cycle by cultivating customer loyalty, retaining valuable customers, reducing customer loss and removing relationships with no potential value, develop long-term relationships with customers and retain old customers forever.

If enterprises want to obtain long-term competitive advantage, they must maintain good customer relationship. This continuous good relationship with customers has gradually become the core competitiveness of enterprises. While strengthening customer relationship, enterprises should not only pay attention to the material factors of the relationship, but also consider another characteristic of the relationship. That is, customers' feelings and other non-material emotional factors. To create new customers, maintain old customers, improve customer satisfaction and loyalty, so as to improve customer value and profit.