6KG Home Use Smart Exercise Bike Model No.: BK106E

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Model No.: BK106E

BK106E exercise bike designed for home use is inbuilt with intelligent motor damping. It could provide constant resistance and constant power, which is known as a black technology for cycling training. Power and cadence data could be adopted and transferred as real-time accurate data. Scientific workout plans will be generated and customized for you according to these data. Special process of the shell makes the bike easy to be assembled. Mini console design is very special, each slight touch at the button middle area of the console panel will change data display.

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12KG Commercial Elliptical trainer Advantage

☆ Boost stamina and Cardio capacity
Elliptical trainer allows you to get a good aerobic exercise, which could strengthen your heart, lungs, and muscles. In other words, cardio could boost your stamina and cardio capacity by intensity or interval training on an elliptical trainer.
☆ Put less stress on your joints
Your knees, ankles, hips, and other joints can take a beating when running or doing other high impact cardio exercises. Elliptical trainer offers low impact cardio workout, since your feet never lift off the paddles with it.
☆ Improve your balance
Make sure that the resistance and incline are set at manageable levels, so you can use the elliptical trainer safely without using the handles. In this way, you could improve your balance.

Product Specification

System: Magnet/EMS
Drive System: Belt two ways
Flywheel: 6kgs
Resistance: smart motor damping
Breaking: Speed-independent
Display: LED
Computer functions: Speed, time, calories, distance, level
Hand pulse: No
Maximum user’s weight: 120kg
Wireless connection: Bluetooth

Machine & Packing size

N.W : 35 kg G.W.: 40 kg
Assembly size: 970*515*1100mm
Carton size: 990*870*270mm

Container loading qty

Loading quantity 40HQ: 288pcs
Loading quantity 40GP: 257pcs
Loading quantity 20GP: 176pcs


12KG Commercial Elliptical trainer (2)


12KG Commercial Elliptical trainer (3)


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