Testing Laboratory

Testing Laboratory

IQC ( Incoming Quality Control)

- For all incoming material, we will do IQC to ensure that the raw materials meet our standards.

- IQC frequency follow AQL standard.

OQC ( Outgoing Quality Control)

- Before loading, we will check container outlook, container number and product name to make sure right loading.


- We have our own laboratory and our lab was authorized as qualified testing location by SGS.

PQC( Production Quality Control)

- Mass production in process control:

A. All products will go through empty loading test for 20 mins, then go through earth test, electrical leakage test, HIPOT test and insulation test.

B. To make sure customer can assemble, all products will be fully assembled first, then disassemble to packing.

- Mass production finished product control:

A. We will do the first article inspection, and then proceed mass production.

B. We will do sampling inspection to control the quality. Sampling frequency 2% of order quantity. And our quality personnel will run on the treadmill to test it is loading.

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