Xiamen Mydo Sports Team Building Activity 2022

On October 15, 2022, the company specially organized Tianzhu Mountain team building activities for employees, aiming to enrich employees' spare time life, further strengthen team cohesion, improve the ability of unity and cooperation between teams, and better serve our customers.


The activity is divided into 12 groups, 9 people in each group, and 6 activities, which are warm-up games: coach talk; team name slogan competition; remember your partner’s name; water collection; we are the best team; and curling competition.

Warm-up games: coach talk


From this game, We deeply understand that the road to success is indispensable, and we must also learn to listen, so that we can better achieve the results we want.

Team name slogan competition


This game is not only a competition of team names and slogans, but also reflects how we set goals and plans in our work and achieve our goals. This requires not only the strategy and leadership of leaders, but also team members. solidarity and cooperation.

Remember your partner’s name


This game is a team randomly formed by various departments, not only old members, but also new members, which not only allows us to know more about the people familiar with each department, but also makes future work and contacts easier and closer.

Water collection activity


This game is difficult, because it tests the trust level, division of labor and cooperation methods of the team members. All success is inseparable from the group. The strength of one person is limited, and the strength of a united and cooperative team is powerful.


We are the best team


This game makes us realize that in order to be successful, we must have confidence in ourselves and our team.

Curling Competition


This game is a new thing for everyone, let us understand that no matter how difficult things are, as long as we don't give up and work hard, the flowers of success will surely bloom.

During the whole activity, the team members helped each other and cooperated with each other. It has also strengthened the communication and cooperation between employees, and deeply realized that the power of a team is indestructible. The success of the team requires the joint efforts of every team member. This is not only team building and games, but also the embodiment of company culture. , and finally everyone ended the activity perfectly with laughter and laughter.

Post time: Oct-19-2022